CS 480 Syllabus
CS 480: Computers and Society

Description: CS 107 or 110, or an introductory computer course and permission of instructor. Study of the larger ethical and social issues of computing, including the role of a digital society in the modern world.. Practical and theoretical applications of computer privacy and security, including network security measures and encryption protocols. Ethical theory and its application to problems in computing. Seminar discussion on value systems, social impact, and human factors, and about use and misuse of computers. Application of computing skills to service in local nonprofit agencies. Four hours lecture, plus lab.

Objectives: Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

List of Topics:

Readings: Readings will be taken from:


The course will consist of the following graded components with the percent contribution to the grade listed. Grades (including +/-) are assigned as follows: A 90% and above; B 80--89%; C 65--79%; D 50--64%; F 49% and below. For CS majors, C = 70% is the lowest passing grade.