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Here are potential topics for the final. The review session will be Thursday, May 12 from 4-5pm in HRN 509.
Here are potential topics for the midterm.
Some comments on final projects. Here is a description of what a final project proposal should look like.

Lectures and associated readings:

Date Topic Associated Reading Slides
January 24 Lecture 1: Introduction to Distributed Systems Couloris, Ch 1, Kurose & Ross, 2.5 Full size Printable
January 26 Lecture 2a: Principles of Distributed Systems Couloris, Ch 1. Ford, et al, Comer, Ch 13, Bertsekas & Gallager, ch 1. Full size Printable
January 26 Lecture 2b: TCP/IP overview Ford, et al, Comer, Ch 13, Bertsekas & Gallager, ch 1. Full size Printable
January 31 Lab 1: Cascading Style Sheets Cascading Style Sheets, the Definitive Guide. 2nd Edition. Eric Meyer. (on safari) Full size Printable
February 2 Lecture 3: logical clocks and causality, message ordering Tanenbaum, 3.1. Mullender, Ch 4 (optional) Full size Printable
February 7 Lab 2: XML Learning XML. Erik T. Ray. (on Safari). Full size Printable
February 9 Lecture 4: Distributed Computing Models Couloris, Ch 2. Liu, Ch 2-3 (recommended) Full size Printable
February 14 Lab 3: XML pt 2, XSLT. Learning XSLT. Michael Fitzgerald. (on Safari.) Full size Printable
February 17 Lecture 5: mutual exclusion, consensus, leader election IEEE Computer article, Couloris, Ch 11. Full size Printable
February 21 President's Day: No class.
February 23 Lab 4: RDF and FOAF Practical RDF. Shelley Powers (on Safari) Full size Printable
February 28 Lab 5: Web Services Amazon's Web Services documentation Full size Printable
March 3 Lecture 6: Replication. Couloris, Ch. 14 Full size Printable
March 7 Lab 6: .NET .NET Framework essentials. Hoang Lam and Thuan Thai (on Safari)
March 9 Lecture 7: P2P vs. Client-server. Architecture of P2P systems Project 1 out. (p2p client) Peer-to-Peer: Harnessing the power of disruptive technologies. (on Safari). (as needed). Full size Printable
March 14 Review Session
March 16 Midterm n/a
March 21 Spring Break n/a
March 23 Spring Break n/a
March 28 No class n/a
March 30 Lab 7: XUL. Also, Final project discussion. XULPlanet tutorial Full size Printable
April 4 Lecture 10: Intro to distributed problem solving. distributed.net
Full size Printable
April 6. Project proposals due. Guest Lecture - Brian Tierney, Lawrence Berkeley Lab. Grid Computing and large-scale performance monitoring. n/a
April 11 Lecture 11: Distributed problem solving II Algorithms for Distributed CSP: a review Makoto Yokoo, Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems, Vol.3, No.2, pp.189-212, 2000 Full size Printable
April 13 Class cancelled.
April 18 Lecture 13: Distributed Transactions Couloris, Ch 13 Full size Printable
April 20 Guest Lecture: Martin Stoufer, LBL. Tools for large-scale distributed software development. Plus finish of transactions. n/a Full size Printable
April 25 Lecture 15: Multiagent systems: paradigms and approaches, cooperative systems. Weiss, Ch 2. Full size Printable
April 27 Lecture 16: Non-cooperative multiagent systems Distributed Rational Decision Making Tuomas Sandholm. Chapter 5 in Multiagent Systems, Weiss, ed. Full size Printable
May 2 Lecture 17: auctions and market-based computing Market-oriented computing: some early lessons Michael Wellman. In S. Clearwater (ed.), Market-Based Control: A Paradigm for Distributed Resource Allocation. World Scientific, 1996 Full size Printable
May 4 Student presentations
May 9 Student presentations n/a
May 11 Student presentations n/a

Sample code:


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REST and Web Services


Small-world networks

In lab 4, we're using FOAF to explore what's called a small-world network. Here's some fun links that explore the small-world effect:

XML resources

CSS resources

XUL resources