Lab 6: Web Services with SOAP

Due March 21 20 points.

To turn in: place a copy of your new-and-improved codebase in the submit directory. Also include a README giving the URL of your app.

In this lab, you'll get experience working with Google's web service, which uses SOAP, rather than REST. Thankfully, you won't have to work directly with SOAP message; instead, you'll use a tool to automatically generate code for you from Google's WSDL description.

  1. To start, go here and download the Google API. This contains Java and C# versions of the API, along with the WSDL file.

    If you're using Java or C#, this is all you'll need.

    If you're using Python, you'll need to download and install SOAPpy. See here for step-by-step instructions. (All the necessary libraries are installed on the lab machines.) Dive Into Python has a nice description of using SOAPpy.

    If you're using Ruby, you might want to give Ruby/Google a try.

  2. Next, add a search facility to your movie database. Add a button next to each movie that allows the user to search for related content on Google. When the user presses the 'Search' button, you should query Google for the title of the movie (feel free to add other keywords you think will improve search results) and display a link to the page, the title, and snippet in a separate window.

    Feel free to make this pretty ,and be creative. When we get to the p2p project, one aspect will be integration of third-party information sources, so anything you can put together now will be helpful.