Lab 0: (X)HTML refresher

Due Tuesday: 1/30 at start of class.
10 points

For this lab, you should set up a personal web site on the webserver. This will serve as a basis for some of the labs we do later in the semester.

You will want to set up your site under /home/web/(yourname) - the corresponding URL will be: If you already have a website externally, that's fine. Please put a redirect on the CS server so that points to it.

Your web site should have (at least) the following elements: You are, of course, encouraged to go well beyond this; this is just a list of minimal requirements.

Note: Please do NOT do this using a WYSIWYG tool such as DreamWeaver or FrontPage. Write the HTML yourself. One purpose of this assignment is to get you comfortable with markup languages such as HTML. You'll need that for future assignments.

In addition, your page must be valid XHTML 1.0 (strict). This means that it must be able to be successfully validated by a validator such as the one here using the 1.0 strict criteria. If your pages do not successfully validate, you will receive no credit for this assignment.

If you are not familiar with HTML or XHTML, I recommend the following list of resources: