Lab 1: CSS

Due Tuesday 2/6 at start of class.
30 points

This lab will give you the opportunity to gain some experience working with CSS. You should create an external CSS style sheet to provide the functionality below and link to it in each of the pages you created for lab 0. Please use an external stylesheet rather than embedding the CSS in each page.

As with Lab 0, you must code the CSS by hand. Please do not use Dreamweaver, iWeb, Front Page, or other WYSIWYG web design tools.

As with Lab 0, your CSS must successfully validate in order to receive any credit for this assignment. I will use the W3C validator to check your code. (The XHTML must still validate as well.)

Please note that the list of requirements below should be taken as a minimum. I would strongly encourage you to explore other aspects of CSS, and use this as an opportunity to experiment. In addition, if you would like to use this as an opportunity to also add Javascript to your pages, that's great.

These requirements are fairly general, and I encourage you satisfy them in whatever way you find most interesting, with the following rules: Lab requirements: