CS 682 Project 2: P2P extensions

Due date: May 10. No late assignments will be accepted. We will schedule demos the final week of class.

For this project, you will extend the p2p client from project 1 in a direction of your choosing. You must propose a topic and have it approved by me. This must happen by April 17. To do this, you should send me an email containing a 1-2 paragraph desciption of what you want to do, how you plan to tackle the problem, and your partners (if any). I will reply with comments and feedback.

For this project, you may either work by yourself or with a partner. If you work with a partner, I will expect you to produce significantly more output (think about 3x). You will still each get your own grade, based on my assessment of your contribution to the project.

As you have probably realized, the p2p system we are building for project 1 is limited in a number of respects. This is your chance to address one or more of these limitations and further explore a topic related to this class. Some extensions include:


I will grade your project according to the following criteria: