CS680: Web Systems and Algorithms

Professor: Chris Brooks
Time: MW 1:30-3:15
Place: Harney 509
Office Hours: MW 10-11, or by appointment.

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Catalog Desription: Survey of Internet systems research including the anatomy of the web, search engine architecture and algorithms, information retrieval, crawling, text analysis, personalization and context, collaborative environments, and the semantic web.

This course will survey topics, systems and algorithms related to the World Wide Web. The course will follow a hybrid model in which some classes will focus more on theory and algorithms and others will focus more on implementation of these ideas. Please note the following:

Requirements: CS662 or CS682.

You should be comfortable with the following tasks:


There is not an assigned text for this class. You will have readings from papers available online, books available via Safari, and handouts. You will be required to have an Amazon developer account at the end of the semester; depending on your final assignments, this may wind up costing you a small amount.

Course structure:

The course will be divided into a series of modules, or topic areas. Each module will have the following components:


- Throughout the class, we will read a number of research papers. For each paper, you will be required to submit a written summary at least 24 hours in advance. (A template will be provided.) Late summaries will not be accepted. Each summary will be graded using the following scale:
When we are discussing research papers in class, you are expected to be active participants in the discussion. This is a necessary condition to receive a grade above a B+.


Grading scale:

I reserve the right to change the weighting of assignments or the corresponding letter grades as necessary.


Following is the list of modules that will be covered in this class. Please see the class schedule for more detailed information, including readings.