Camuy Caves

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We drove out to Arecibo for a day to visit Rio Camuy National Park, a huge underground cave system. Unfortunately, lots of other people had the same idea, so we had to wait several hours. (We did get the chance to be amused by the hilarious gangsta-wannabe kid in line with us.)
We made the mistake of eating lunch at the cafeteria, along with several new friends, while we were waiting. Soon afterward, Holly got sick, so she wound up staying in the car and sleeping while I went on the tour of the caverns.

The caves are pretty amazing. Unfortunately, it was pretty dark down there, but I did get a few good pictures, especially of the open areas, which were covered with greenery and running water.

Two days after we visited, a California woman was killed when a rock fell and hit her in the head while she was waiting to go into the caves. So I guess there's worse things than getting sick from some nasty chicken.