El Yunque

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El Yunque National Forest covers the mountains about 1 hour east of San Juan. We went out for a day to drive and hike up to the peak and maybe get a view of the surrounding islands. The rainforest is full of amazing vegetation, and the sound of coqui frogs fills the air, although we didn't see any. We did see a mongoose, though.
Unfortunately, we didn't get the view we'd hoped for. Right as we reached the summit, it started to rain, and the clouds pretty much engulfed the forest. We waited in the lookout tower for a break in the rain and then hiked back down to the car.
On the way out, we stopped at a lower observation point, but the view was still mostly clouds. We did get a glimpse of sun, though.
We also checked out Coca Falls before stopping at Luquillo Beach and then driving back to San Juan in the pouring rain.