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We spent the first 2 1/2 days of our trip on Vieques, a small, beautiful island off the east coast of Puerto Rico. Vieques is great; it's largely rural, and has avoided the overdevelopment that plagues Puerto Rico. There was a Navy base there until 1999, but now the land is a nature preserve.

There's not a lot to do except hang out on one of the island's many beautiful beaches, or maybe go out for a long meal, which was fine with us. There's lots of wildlife, including lizards, chickens, and wild horses (some of which are appropriately hung). We stayed at the Villa Coral Guesthouse - they were great! On New Year's Eve, we went kayaking in the Bioluminescent Bay (sorry - no pictures. Couldn't take the camera swimming.) The bay is full of microorganisms that give off light when you disturb them. You literally glow when you swim.

In retrospect, I wish we'd spent even more time on Vieques. I'd consider moving there, but someone's already thought of our Internet cafe/art shop idea.