June 3 -- Driving from Dublin to Ballymacoda

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Sunday June 3. We begin the driving (and driving and driving) portion of our trip, heading out of Dublin with the eventual destination of the Castle Farm B & B, outside of the tiny town of Ballymacoda in County Cork. It took about 5 hours to drive there, as Irish roads are a little bit less high-speed than we're used to in the U.S.

We stopped for lunch in Enniscorthy, which looks nice in the pictures here, but was actually a bit more white-trash than we'd expected. We hypothesized from the number of new mothers we saw walking strollers and smoking that they must have some special package deal on cigarettes and baby formula.

We made it to Castle Farm in the late afternoon; it's a B & B on a working dairy farm, about a quarter-mile from the ocean. We took a few pictures of the cows and walked down to the beach. Along the way, Holly got some much-needed cuddles with a local dog (who she dubbed "Pippin") who was out exploring the area.