May 26 -- Edinburgh and Road to Stirling

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Friday, May 26. Our last day in Edinburgh. We had an eventful time getting out of the hotel; first, the night manager at the hotel (a strange individual who managed to be simultaneously obsequious and arrogant) gave Holly a hard time because she wrote in the comment book "Where are the kitty cats?" (referring to the fact that we hadn't had any animals to pet lately). He ranted at length, while we were eating breakfast, about how he was going to get in trouble for this, and that she could write whatever she wanted, but she couldn't write that. Holly restrained herself from demonstrating some of the more unpleasant nursing techniques she's learned and added a footnote to her comment explaining that this was that strange phenomenon known as "humor."
Then, to add injury to insult, she slipped on the stairs bringing the suitcases down. Luckily, she's fine - just a bruise.

I presented Nancy and my paper at the conference - I think it went relatively well. Full room, lots of good questions. The conference was good - I learned a lot, and got to meet some interesting folks.

Meanwhile, Holly picked up a rental car and the airport and brought it back to the hotel. (Plus, another trip to the cemetery outside Edinburgh Castle.) After the conference was over, we headed up to Stirling to begin the vacation proper.