May 30 -- London

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Wednesday, May 30. Death March London, Day 3. We stopped by Euston Station to pick up our train and ferry tickets for the next day's departure, then walked through Bloombury past University College London, including the hospital where George Orwell died and the building that was the inspiration for the Ministry of Truth in 1984. Then a pass through Soho, and lunch near Charing Cross. Then a quick swoop through Trafalgar Square, and down through Westminster to Westminster Abbey. (the second World Heritage site we visited on this trip)

This was extra-interesting for me because I was reading the last climactic scenes from The System of the World, the third book in Neal Stephenson's Baroque Cycle, which take place in Westminster Abbey in the early 1700s. (During last year's trip to Amsterdam and Paris, I was reading The Confusion, which centers much of its action in those two cities.)

After the Abbey, we hurried across the Thames, past Dali Universe, and down to the Tate Modern. We were particularly interested in seeing Francis Bacon's incredibly creepy Triptych - they also had a lot of nice Surrealist works.

Once the Tate closed, we headed across the Thames and back down towards the Strand, stopped for a pizza dinner, then back to the hotel to rest the bloody stumps where our feet formerly were.