Beste Filiz Yuksel

Assistant Professor of Computer Science

University of San Francisco

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Teaching: Affective Computing Spring 2017

I am delighted to announce that I have joined the University of San Francisco as a tenure track Assistant Professor in the Computer Science department as of the Fall of 2016! Watch this space for a very exciting Human-Computer Interaction teaching and research program involving brain-computer interfaces, measurement of emotion, and more (including a revamp of my webpage)....

Some other news: My first author SIGCHI paper recently won a Best Paper Award! Here's a few press articles about it:

New Scientist Article
Fast Company Article
The Wintrust Business Lunch, WGN Radio (7:30-13:30 mins)

My paper with Mary Czerwinski at Microsoft Research on human-virtual agent interactions will be coming out soon in a special edition ACM journal.


My research focuses on advancing human-centered computing and human-computer interaction by using brain-computer interfaces, physiological and affective computing as well as paradigms based in cognitive and social psychology to build models of user state using machine learning. These user models provide the computer with an increased knowledge of the user, thus allowing for a more intelligent, personalized and adaptive response from the computer to the human.

This broad, application driven research agenda is intrinsically interdisciplinary. In addition to working with my advisor Rob Jacob during my Ph.D., this has involved collaborations with experts in many different fields of Computer Science including visual analytics (Remco Chang, Tufts), affective computing and embodied agents (Mary Czerwinski, Microsoft Research), physiological computing (Dan Morris, Microsoft Research), computer graphics and virtual reality (Anthony Steed, UCL), biomedical engineering (Sergio Fantini, Tufts), music and engineering (Paul Lehrman, Tufts), as well as with industry product teams at Microsoft.


Select Conference Papers

Best Paper Award (top 1%):

Learn Piano with BACh: An Adaptive Learning Interface that Adjusts Task Difficulty based on Brain State.
Yuksel, B.F., Oleson, K.B., Harrison, L., Peck, E.M., Afergan, D., Chang, R., and Jacob, R.J.K.
Proc. CHI 2016
pdf | video

DriftBoard: A Panning-Based Text Entry Technique for Ultra-Small Touchscreens.
Shibata, T., Afergan, D., Kong, D., Yuksel, B.F., MacKenzie, S., and Jacob, R.J.K.
Proc. UIST 2016

BRAAHMS: A Novel Adaptive Musical Interface Based on Users’ Cognitive State.
Yuksel, B.F., Afergan, D., Peck, E.M., Griffin, G., Harrison, L., Chen, N.W., Chang, R., and Jacob, R.J.K.
Proc. NIME 2015

Functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy for Adaptive Human Computer Interfaces.
Yuksel, B.F., Peck, E.M., Afergan, D., Hincks, S.W., Shibata, T., Kainerstorfer, J., Tgavalekos, K., Sassaroli, A., Fantini, S. and Jacob, R.J.K.
Proc. SPIE 2015

Brain-Based Target Expansion
Afergan, D., Shibata, T., Hincks, S., Peck, E.M., Yuksel, B.F., Chang, R., Jacob, R.J.K.
Proc. UIST 2014

Using fNIRS Brain Sensing to Evaluate Information Visualization Interfaces.
Peck, E.M., Yuksel, B.F., Ottley, A., Jacob, R.J.K, and Chang, R.
Proc. CHI 2013
pdf | video

A Novel Brain-Computer Interface Using a Multi-Touch Surface.
Yuksel, B.F., Donnerer, M., Tompkin, J., Steed, A.
Proc. CHI 2010

Journal Paper
Optimizing the P300-based braincomputer interface: current status, limitations and future directions.
Mak, J.N., Arbel, Y., Minett, J.W., McCane, L.M., Yuksel, B.F., Ryan, D., Thompson, D., Bianchi, L.,and Erdogmus, D.
Journal of Neural Engineering, 2011

Workshop Position Papers
Position Paper: Measurings Users' Cognitive and Affective State to Develop Intelligent Musical Interfaces.
Yuksel, B.F., Oleson, K.B., Chang, R., and Jacob, R.J.K.
HCI and Music Workshop at ACM CHI 2016

Towards a 3-Dimensional Model of Individual Cognitive Differences.
Peck, E.M., Yuksel, B.F., Harrison, L., Ottley, A., and Chang, R.
BELIV 2012

Book Chapter
Using fNIRS to Measure Mental Workload in the Real World.
Peck, E.M., Afergan, D., Yuksel, B.F., Lalooses, F., Jacob, R.J.K.
Advances in Physiological Computing, 2014

Technical Report
Implicit Brain-Computer Interaction Applied to a Novel Adaptive Musical Interface.
Yuksel, B.F., Afergan, D., Peck, E.M., Griffin, G., Harrison, L., Chen, N.W., Chang, R., and Jacob, R.J.K.
Technical Report, TR-2015-01, Department of Computer Science, Tufts University.

Poster Papers
Novel P300 BCI Interfaces to Directly Select Physical and Virtual Objects.
Yuksel, B.F., Donnerer, M., Tompkin, J., Steed, A.
Proc. of 5th International BCI Conference, 2011.
pdf | poster

Augmenting Gaze Control with a Brain-Computer Interface
Yuksel, B.F. and Steed, A.
Proc. of 5th International BCI Conference, 2011.
pdf | poster

Building Implicit Interfaces for Wearable Computers with Physiological Inputs: Zero Shutter Camera and Phylter
Shibata, T., Peck, E.M., Afergan, D., Hincks, S., Yuksel, B.F., Jacob, R.J.K.
Proc. UIST 2014
pdf | poster

Awards and Achievements

Best Paper Award SIGCHI 2016
Awarded First Prize at Tufts Ignite 2015 (Inter-departmental Graduate Student Competition)
Awarded Grace Hopper Scholarship 2015 (21% acceptance rate)
Undergraduate Advisee Awarded De Florez Prize in Human Engineering 2015 (1 student/year)
Awarded CRA-W Early Career Mentoring Workshop Scholarship 2015
SPIE Travel Grant Award (PW15B, Yuksel 9319-26)
Awarded Grace Hopper Scholarship 2014 (26% acceptance rate)
Awarded Grant for MS Neuroscience 2011
Awarded Dean's Prize for Biological Sciences 2006 (awarded to top student of Biological Sciences Department)
Awarded Summer Scholarship for research as undergraduate 2005

Invited Talks

Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing, Human-Computer Interaction Track, October 2015
Wellesley College, MA, April 2015
Smith College, MA, October 2014
Ipswich Middle School Technology Initiative, MA, July 2014
Tufts University, MA, April 2014
University College London, UK, September 2011
Lincoln University, UK, February 2010


Sept: ACM TOIT Paper with Mary Czerwinski at Microsoft Research is accepted
Sept: UIST 2016 Paper with Tomoki Shibata is accepted
Aug: Started as Assistant Professor of CS at USF!
Feb: SIGCHI Paper won Best Paper Award!
Dec: SIGCHI Paper Accepted!
Nov: Awarded First Prize at Tufts Ignite
Oct: Gave Talk at Grace Hopper, HCI Track.
Sep: Started co-instructing "Affective Interfaces" class with Prof Rob Jacob.
Aug: Finished Internship at Microsoft Research.
Jul: Received Grace Hopper Scholarship 2015.
Jun: Attended CRA-W Early Career Mentoring Workshop
Jun: Started Internship at Microsoft Research with Mary Czerwinski.
May: Presented Paper at NIME 2015.
May: Undergraduate Advisee Awarded De Florez Prize in Human Engineering.
Apr: Received CRA-W Early Career Mentoring Workshop Scholarship.
Apr: Gave Talk at Wellesley College, MA.


I feel very strongly about supporting women in Computer Science as it is an area of talent that is very much left untapped. I visit schools and colleges in an attempt to inspire girls and young women to get into and stay in this field.

I am totally enjoying living in the Bay Area I'm attempting to explore as many National Parks as my job will allow.