David T. Uminsky
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Director of Data Science

Department of Mathematics
University of San Francisco
 2130 Fulton Street
San Francisco, CA 94117-1080

Contact Information:

Office: HR 202b
(415) 422-6637
E-Mail: duminsky ''@''  "usfca" . edu

Central coast of CA


I am an applied mathematician and  assistant professor  in the Mathematics Department at USF. I'm also the current director of the brand new data science program at USF, see our webpage for more information. My postdoc advisor was Professor Andrea Bertozzi and we worked on several projects on stability and pattern formation in nonlocal PDEs, see my research section for more details.  I spent my graduate school days in the Department of Mathematics at Boston University under the advisement of C. Eugene Wayne and before that many sleepless nights as an undergraduate at Harvey Mudd College

My research interests are quite diverse.  My current areas of active research include machine learning and "Big Data" problems as well as pattern formation of nonlocal PDEs and vortex dynamics.  I'm also very interested in  computational and theoretical fluid dynamics, dynamical systems, non-local partial differential equations, mathematical modeling, mathematical biology, mathematical physics and complex dynamics.  When I'm not working on mathematics you might find me chasing after my two daughters at Alamo Square.

Here are some cool pictures from my research program. Click on the research link in the left sidebar to learn more.

Tripole Relaxation
Cantor set
Soccer Ball
Data Clustering