CS 107:Computing, Robots, and Python

TR 10:30-12:15
Kudlick Classroom (HR 235)
class schedule


Building Software (Algorithmic thinking and problem solving)

Developing web pages with HTML, CSS, and a bit of Javascript.
Visual programming of animated simulations
Spreadsheet and Database Computing.
Programming Lego Mindstorm Robots.
Programming and Media Computing with Python.
Building Dynamic Web pages 

Digital Society (Computer Literacy)

Computer Architecture, Bits and Bytes
Finding information
Social/Collaborative Software


David Wolber
office: harney 529

Why Take the Course?

code for food
Take over the world Help your social life Become friends with your computer Fulfill math requirement Get a job


Course Format

The course is a lecture/lab format, with lecture, discussion, and computer labs each day.

Participation in class is essential. Each day students will submit mini-assignments which weigh heavily on the grade (30%). If there is one for each class day, that means each is worth over 1% of the entire class. If you are not at class, these assignments cannot be made up without a doctor's note.

There will also be reading assignments with essay questions as well as some programming assignments which will require work at home or in USF labs.


Item %
In-Class/Reading Assignments 30
Midterm 15
Final 20
Projects 35


Guzdial, Intro to Computing and Programming in Python
Downey, et.al., How to Think Like A Computer Scientist


Lego Brick Command Center, Sample
JES -- Jython Environment for Students