SLS/CS Fall 2011

CS 385 Special Lecture Series in Computer Science
Harney Science Center 235: The Kudlick Classroom
Tuesdays or Thursdays, 11:45am–12:40pm

August 30, Tuesday: John Rahoi, Yahoo.
" WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING? " How to succeed when you're young, naïve, and ignorant.

September 8, Thursday: Dr. Mitul Tiwari, LinkedIn.
"Social Network Analysis in LinkedIn"

[SPECIAL TIME&LOCATION] September 14, Wednesday: Prof. Chris Brooks, USF.
11:50am-12:50pm McLaren 250
"What the "Intelligence" in Artificial Intelligence Stands For"

September 15, Thursday: Jason Fennell, Yelp.
"Search at Yelp: Finding the Dopest Dishes in the Data"

September 22, Thursday: Stefano Ortolani, Vrije University
"KLIMAX: Profiling Memory Write Patterns to Detect Keystroke-Harvesting Malware" ( slides )

September 29, Thursday: Dr. Jean-Philippe Martin, Microsoft Research
"Throwing more computers at the problem: why it doesn't always work, and what to do about it."

October 13, Thursday: Prof. Terence Parr, USF
"Why program by hand in 5 days what you can spend 5 years of your life automating?"

October 20, Thursday: Dr. Gautam Singaraju,
"Distributed computing: Hadoop and NoSQL" ( slides )

October 27, Thursday: Dr. Changkyu Kim, Intel Labs
"Throughput Computing on Modern CPUs and GPUs"

November 1, Tuesday: Dr. Benjamin Wells
"The Triumph of the One (for CS)"

November 10, Thursday: Dr. Anmol Sheth, Technicolor Research Labs
"Enabling Next Generation Home Applications and Services"

[SPECIAL TIME&LOCATION] November 10, Thursday: Dr. Michael Nacht (former Assistant Secretary of Defense)
5:45pm, Fromm hall
"An interview on Cyber Security"

November 15, Tuesday: Dr. Praveen Yalagandula, HP Research
"Low-cost Scalable Networks for Datacenters"

November 29, Tuesday: Marko Gargenta,
"Being a Rock-star Developer"

[SPECIAL TIME&LOCATION] November 30, Wednesday. 2:15-3:20pm at HR 232
Sriram Sankar, Facebook.
"Real-World Experiences with Search Engines"

December 6, Tuesday: CS 690 Master's Project Presentations
Chaoyi Du, Xinlin Feng, Chengzhi Liang
"Internet Crimes Against Children Investigative Tool for FBI and San Jose Police"
Narantsatsral Bayarsaikhan (Nara), Neal Xiong, Chen Chen
"Yahoo GeoTagger"