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Using Linux on CS from Windows Box

Do you want to use Linux and your CS directories from your Windows box at home, with a graphical user interface?

This page describes how to install and use the NX Client to do that. Professor Wolber has also added a more detailed instructions here .

1. Download the 'client.id_dsa.key' file from /home/public/nx. Put this somewhere on your home computer. You can use WinSCP to download the file.

2. Download the NX software from (NX Client for Windows)

3. Install NX software.

4. run Start → All Programs → NX Client for Windows → NX Connection Wizard

5. Go through the wizard:

-Name = 'CS-NX' (You can name this whatever you want, it will be the name of your desktop icon)
-Host = ''    Port = '22'
-Set the 'type of internet connection' to 'ADSL'

Click next

-Set the first field to 'Unix' and choose either 'KDE' or 'GNOME' for your desktop environment (whichever you prefer)
-Leave the size of the remote desktop at it's default setting (unless you know what you're doing)
-Leave 'Disable encryption of all traffic' unchecked

Click Next

-Check the 'Show the advanced configuration dialog'

Click Finish

-In the windows that pops up, under the General tab, click the 'Key...' button
-Select 'Import' and find the 'client.id_dsa.key' file you downloaded earlier, Click OK, then Save when done.
-Select Save, then OK again

-Double click your desktop icon to connect to the nx server, use your CS username and password to log in.

***Important: To log off, please use 'System->Log Out' from within the NX session***