The dmz_graph_blit function copies a rectangular area of the source bitmap to the destination bitmap.

int dmz_graph_blit (

                int bmpID,

                int source_x,

                int source_y,

                int source_width,

                int source_width,

                int dest_x,

                int dest_y,

                int set_transparency




The handle ('int') returned by the dmz_graph_load_bmp function.

source_x and source_y

The source_x and source_y parameters are the top left corner of the area to copy from the source bitmap.

source_width and source_height

The source_width and source_height parameters specifies the width and height dimensions of the source bitmap to copy from.

dest_x and dest_y

The dest_x and dest_y parameters are the top left corner of the destination area to copy the selected source bitmap into.


Turns on the transparent blitting capabilities of the function. 1 for on, 0 for off.  The transparency color on the source bitmap must be set to R=255, G=0, B=255 in order for the transparent blit to perform as desired.


Return Values

Positive graphics id if successful, negative value on error.

For more information see dmz_graph error codes.




Windows: Requires dmzgraphics.dll

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