DMZ Network API Error Codes


The following are error codes that may be returned by dmz_network_* functions:

Return Value


DMZ_NET_SUCCESS successful completion/return
DMZ_NET_INVALID_PARAM parameters passed by function call are invalid
DMZ_NET_TOO_MANY_SOCS too many sockets created (more than max)
DMZ_NET_NO_CONNECT error connecting to a socket (no connection)
DMZ_NET_NONBLOCKING_ERR error setting up for non-blocking pipes
DMZ_NET_SOCKET_ERROR error dealing with socket manipulation
DMZ_NET_BINDING_ERR error binding to a socket
DMZ_NET_LISTEN_ERR error encountered during listen
DMZ_NET_NOT_INIT network not initialized
DMZ_NET_RECV_ERROR error encountered during receive
DMZ_NET_SEND_ERROR error encountered during send
DMZ_NET_INIT_FAILED network failed to initialized
DMZ_NET_NOTHING_TO_RECV nothing to receive from other end of the socket
DMZ_NET_TRY_AGAIN error encountered during send/recv -- try to send/recv again
DMZ_NET_INIT_ALREADY_DONE network already initialized
DMZ_NET_ACCEPT_ERR accepted returned a number < 0

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