Sound API Error Codes


The following are error codes that may be returned by dmz_snd* functions:

Return Value


DMZ_SND_SUCCESS operation completed successfully
DMZ_SND_INVALID_SID supplied sound id is out of range
DMZ_SND_UNUSED_SID no sound loaded under this sound id
DMZ_SND_TOO_MANY too many sounds loaded
DMZ_SND_BAD_VOLUME invalid volume supplied
DMZ_SND_DS_ERROR DirectSound error (Windows only)
DMZ_SND_OPEN_ERROR error opening file
DMZ_SND_READ_ERROR error reading file
DMZ_SND_BAD_WAVE not a valid WAV file
DMZ_SND_NO_MEM error allocating memory
DMZ_SND_NOT_INIT library has not yet been initialized
DMZ_SND_ALREADY_INIT library has already been initialized


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