Current Issues and Their Resolution


Date Name Module Problem Description Status Completed on
10/17/00 Alex Sound library Volume setting problems with DirectSound Fixed 4/1/01
10/24/00 Alex All libraries Libraries are not thread-safe Discarded 4/1/01
10/31/00 Nancy Network Fails to work on different physical networks Fixed 11/26/00
11/22/00 Nancy Network Thread-safe implementation is not working. Fixed 11/24/00
12/1/00 Jeff Client Arranging for processing at 25 frames per second. Completed 12/12/00
2/17/01 Alex Client/Server Network instability, gremlins, negative message types Fixed 3/18/01
3/6/01 Jeff Client Adding ammo quantity and regen rate. Completed 3/14/01
3/16/01 Jeff Client Creating and adding sound effects to client. Completed 4/30/01
3/28/01 Jeff Client Fix radar math when scrolling Pending
3/28/01 Alex Client Remote movement not smooth enough? Pending
3/28/01 Alex Client Can't restore after minimize Fixed 4/4/01


Last updated: May 03, 2001 00:48 by afedosov