Return to Ryll

Over 3,000 years ago, in a time many still claim as myth, the borders of Blistion were threatened by the dreaded Crylt of Ryll. Finally being overrun by hordes of Crylt drudge, the vast lands of Blistion were ravaged by great battles between the humans of each nation's Houses and the bloodthristy drudge. One woman, hailing from House Enda in the nation of Thrale, organized a specialized phalanx of human warriors to strike a stunning blow against the invading Crylt. Coined "The Lectorus of Blistion," Jalayne Feezhna led her force into the heart of Ryll, callously eliminating the Crylt hierarchy and stunting the drudge offensive. Her efforts to permanently remove the Crylt from Blistion were praised by every House in the land and her ultimate glory is believed to shine brighter than any other in human history. Yet recently the stationed observers of Blistion have noticed movement once again among the borders of their nations. Those who believe the myth to be true have set their own course in an attempt to stunt another emerging Crylt offensive. These believers are the few who seek the glory of Jalayne Feezhna, who will stop at nothing to save Blistion for their House, and who disregard all foreseeable peril in humanity's Return to Ryll.

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