alark joshi

Associate Professor & Department Chair
Visualization and Graphics Lab
Department of Computer Science
University of San Francisco

Harney Science Center 415
University of San Francisco
Phone: 415.422.4916


Interactive Exploration for Neurosurgery

Multimodal Visualization for Neurosurgery.

Vascular Visualization

Non-parametric detection and visualization of vessels

Exaggerated shading for volumetric data

Improved shading for accentuating surface detail in volumetric data.

Nonphotorealistic Rendering of Volumes

Implemented the Volume Illustration techniques.

Reconstruction of transgenically expressed B-catenin in mammary epithelial cells

Beta-catenin is clearly visible along the lateral cell borders

Painterly Rendering

Novel rendering techniques for painterly rendering techniques

Visualization for mobile devices

Context-providing interfaces for exploration and navigation

Hurricane Visualization

Novel Illustration-inspired visualizations of hurricanes.

Evaluating Image-guided Navigation Systems

Developing and Evaluating novel visualizations for Image-guided Neurosurgical Applications.

GPU accelerated Image Processing

Hardware acceleration for simple image detection techniques

Stipple Rendering for Fast Volume Exploration

Illustration-inspired visualization for exploring structural data

Volume-Preserving Free Form Deformation

Fast FFD using Multi-level optimization.