Due date: 25/1/2017 at 11:59pm

Reading Assignment 1

  1. Read the Introduction and Chapter 3 from 'Affective Computing'. Read Chapter 1 from the 'Media Equation'.
  2. Construct a human-computer interaction and then construct its "equivalent" human-human interaction using the media equation that clearly involves affect. Write the interaction scenario in two ways: Once using the word "person" and the second time replacing it with the word "computer" so that the parallels are clear. Extra credit will be given if the case is humorous. Email me your report at byuksel@usfca.edu.
  3. Pick your top two favorite application areas from Chapter 3. You can also pick an area of your own choice. Email me, byuksel@usfca.edu, with your first choice and second choice. I will try to get you a scientific paper to present in your area of interest. Selections will made on a first come first served basis.
This assignment is based on Rosalind Picard's Affective Computing class at the MIT Media Lab.