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The once-a-month 'Romanian'
from Cincinnatti, Ohio

Don Lothrop is a 1989 Harvard Business School MBA graduate, and a successful Silicon Valley serial investor, who in 2006 founded NewVista Partners, a venture capital fund which focuses exclusively on Romania.


From his home in Cincinnatti, Ohio, he now regularly travels to Romania, once each month, where he oversees the Non-Governmental Organization he founded there in February 2014, called RomaniaOne, and where he periodically speaks to student groups, to citizen volunteers, to government officials, and to television audiences.


RomaniaOne is devoted to "helping Romania ascend to it's rightful place as one of the most beautiful places in Europe to live, work and play."

In television interviews below, Lothrop explains his vision for teaching citizens and volunteers how they can tackle Romania's problems "one-square-meter-at-a-time".

TV-Interview with Don Lothrop in 2012 (26-minutes, in English)

TV-Interview with Don Lothrop in 2014 (20-minutes, in English)

                "I believe the money that I made in Silicon Valley is not for me,
                it's to do something good with."
    Don Lothrop, RomaniaOne founder

Teoria Potcoavei (Horseshoe Theory) from RomaniaOne on Vimeo.

Don Lothrop's visit to Tasuleasa Social in 2012 (4 minutes, in English)

Don Lothrop's non-partisan message for Romania's Presidential Election in 2014

"The process of decay had gone further in Roumania than in other parts of Eastern Europe. Democracy could not flourish in such an atmosphere. ...The period of transition will be long and bloody, but when it is accomplished the great energies and qualities of the Roumanian people, the second most numerous and perhaps the most naturally talented in all Eastern Europe, will assure to it that honourable position which it has not yet been able to attain."
Robert William Seton-Watson (1859-1951), a former British Intelligence Officer and publisher of The New Europe, is recognized as a foremost expert on the countries of the former Habsburg empire during the period of 1905 to 1945.

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