Author: Dr. Allan B. Cruse, Professor Emeritus, Computer Science and Mathematics, University of San Francisco

Romania Awareness Project

This website offers a collecton of links to online information about some
remarkable people, places, customs, and events in Romania, a nation in
the European Union which seems not yet well-known among Americans

An American visitor briefly describing Romania (2011)

Timisoara, Romania

December 1989 Revolution - Timisoara, Romania

Bucharest, Romania - Athenaeum concert hall (opened 1888)

Iasi, Romania - Palas Iasi Lifestyle Center (opened 2012)

Sapanta, Romania - The Merry Cemetery (opened 1935)

Intel Engineers in Romania - World's Biggest Chime (2010)

Europe's first HP Concept Store - Bucharest (2010)

Bucharest, Romania - George Enescu Festival 2011

Neamt, Romania - Agapia Monastery (built 1585 and 1642)

Tulcea, Romania - Danube Delta riverboat excursion

Romania's Transfagarasan Highway - February 2011

Timisoara, Romania - school piano audition (June 2012)

Bucovina, Romania - The Painted Monastery of Moldovita

Calusari from Romania

Orthodoxy in Romania - romanian orthodox christian song

Romanian Pan Flute Master Gheorge Zamfir (1941-)

Romanian Film Director Cristian Mungiu (1968-)

Romanian Olympic Gymnast Nadia Comaneci (1961-)

Romanian opera soprano Angela Gheorghiu (1965-) - Tosca

Romanian concert pianist Bogdan Alin Ota (1987-)

Romanian Inventor Henri Coanda (1886-1972)

Romanian Tennis Player Ilie Nastase (1946-)

Romanian olympic rowing champion Ivan Patzaichin (1949-)

Romanian composer Ciprian Porumbescu (1853-1883)

Romanian violinist Grigoras Dinicu (1889-1949)

Romanian classical pianist Dinu Lipatti (1917-1950)

Romanian painter Nicolae Grigorescu (1838-1907)

Romanian oil painter Ion Tuculescu (1910-1962)

Romanian Operetta Soprano Amelia Antoniu (1984-)

Romanian concert pianist Mihaela Ursuleasa (1979-2012)

Romanian Ballerina Alina Cojocaru (1981-)

Romanian world boxing champion Lucian Bute (1980-)

Romanian Olympic Figure Skater Roxana Luca (1982-)

Romanian bedroom-webcam performer Aldo Blaga (1986-)

Romanian teen mountaineer Crina Coco Popescu (1994-)

Romanian comic playwright Eugene Ionescu (1909-1994)

Romanian jazz musician Johnny Raducanu (1931-2011)

Romanian Soccer Coach Steve Negoesco - UofSF

Romanian poet Mihai Eminescu (1850-1889)

Romanian playwright Ion Luca Caragiale (1912-2012)

Romanian nightclub singer Elena Gheorghe (1985-)

Romanian olympic gymnast Catalina Ponor (July 2012)

Romanian Jewelry Designs - ARRERA - Timisoara (2009)

Romanian fashion designer Catalin Botezatu - New York 2012

Romanian rock band 'PhenomenOn' sings "United" (2012)

Romanian ethno-blues band "The Nightlosers" (2012)

Romanian teen musical ProTV hit "Pariu cu Viata" (2012)

Romanian glassblowing master Ion Tamaian

Romanian entrepreneur Marius Ghena - School for Startups

Romanian competitive swimmer Mihai Matei (1991-)

Romanian homeless collage artist Ion Barladeanu (1946-)

Romanian anti-corruption leader Monica Macovei (1959-)

Romanian-born poetry professor Andrei Codrescu (1946-)

Romanian-born art prodigy Alexandra Nechita (1985-)

Romanian-born VT Professor Liviu Librescu (1930-2007)

King Michael of Romania (1921-)

Romanian Gymnastics Federation - stage show (2010)

Wild Carpathia Trailer featuring HRH The Prince Of Wales

Vama Veche Beach (Black Sea - Romania)

From Bucharest to Poiana-Brasov ski resort

Regatta Romania

Bear hunting in Romania

Road Biking in Romania

Whitewater Rafting on the Jiu river in Romania (2010)

Romanian Train Spotting (2006-2010)

Discovering Romania's caves (Summer 2008)

Romanian Offshore Software Development Team (2011)

Turda, Romania - century-old salt mine

Discover Romania: People Trades and Tools (2011)

Cluj-Napoca, Romania - Agropan Bakery (April 2012)

Dumbraveni, Romania - 18th-Century Catholic Church

Bucharest, Romania - Harisma Men's Choir (2001)

Bucharest, Romania - children's vaulting exhibition (2011)

Constanta, Romania - seacoast metropolis

Constanta, Romania - city of night (2012)

Feleacu, Romania - Traditional Romanian folk dance

Romanian Wedding traditions

Ovidius University's Villanella Choir - Constanta, Ro (2007)

Cozia Monastery - erected 1388, painted 1391

Oradea, Romania - city views (2009)

Ciocanesti, Romania - The tradition of Egg Painting

Rosia Montana, Romania - Europe's largest gold deposits

Cluj-Napoca, Romania - Universitatea Babes Bolyai

Insert-sort, taught with Romanian folk dance

Marble Arena 2 - Videogame from Barlad, Romania

Wisewords from two Romanian software entrepreneurs (2011)

Romanian Web Design demo - AmiGio (May 2012)

Slimnic, Romania - neglected medieval fortress

Sibiu, Romania - also known as 'Hermannstadt'

Parkour Jam in Sibiu, Romania (2008)

Animation from Sibiu Linux Users Group (2011)

Romanian-American Music Days Festival - Sibiu concert (2008)

American street comedian in Sibiu, Romania (2008)

Targoviste, Romania

Mioveni, Romania - Inside the Dacia factory (2007)

Brasov, Romania

Brasov, Romania - outdoor rock concert - 21 August 2003

Brasov, Romania - Views of nearby Bran Castle

Romanian singer Mihai Traistariu (famed 5-octave vocal range)

Romanian business tycoon and tennis legend Ion Tiriac (1930-)

Romanian ethno folk singer Bogdan Cioranu (1990-)

Sighisoara, Romania - 2012

Busteni, Romania - Cantacuzino Castle (built 1911)

Arad, Romania - city views (2010)

Hunedoara, Romania - Hunyad Castle

Alba Iulia, Romania

Galati, Romania - city views (2008)

Pitesti, Romania - Tower Climbing Trek (October 2010)

Iasi, Romania - history of a city

Iasi, Romania - New World Record for Sky Lanterns (2012)

Sinaia, Romania - Peles Royal Castle

Horezu, Romania - center for traditional ceramics

Snagov, Romania - Tour of outdoor sets at Castel Film Studios

Bucharest City Tour

Lipscani District in Bucharest, Romania

Stavropoleos Monastery - Bucharest, Romania (erected 1724)

Living in Bucharest: Public Transportation

Bucharest National Arena - opened 6 August 2011

Bucharest, Romania - Cisco Systems Expo 2012

Apple Store at AFI Cotroceni Mall - Bucharest (Nov 2011)

Bucharest, Romania - Petrom City complex - completed 2010

Bucharest Stock Exchange - Opening Bell (25 May 2009)

World Class International Fitness Convention - Bucharest (2010)

Military cadets - Bucharest National Dance Center (2010)

Bucharest City Marathon - 17 October 2010

Bucharest, Romania - International Bowling Open 2011

Bucharest Polytechnic University's CS students (Fall 2010)

Bucharest's Player Club - Halloween 2009

Romania's "Don't Drink and Drive" campaign (May 2012)

EAF Rural Development Project in Romania

Romanian Team - European Aerobic Championships 2011

Romania's culinary culture

Tudor Gheorghe Sara pe deal Mihai Eminescu (Eve on the Hill)

Paula Seling & Ovi - Playing With Fire (Romania)

Fr. Vasile Olteanu from First Modern Romanian School - Brasov

Traditional Gypsy Dancing in Transylvania, Romania

Romanian Border Police (2011)

Romanian brothers, ages 7 and 5, show astonishing strength

Flash Mob fundraiser in Ploiesti, Romania

Romanian musical lament "Bocet pentru Maica Mare"

"Made in Romania" - contemporary manufacturing (2010)

"We have a country" (a story of the Romanian nation)

Memories of My Youth In Communist Romania- Artist Claudia French

Romanian National Anthem (with English translation)

The World without Romania

Bucharest summit: US and Russia in tense discussions (2008)

Count Kalnoky and Prince Charles in Transylvania (2011)

Tony Blair with Victor Ponta in Bucharest (March 2012)

King Michael I addresses Parliament on his 90th birthday

European Council President to Romanian Parliament (2012)

Interview with American authors of "Dracula Is Dead"

Training and development of Romanian Librarians (2011)

Cluj-Napoca - "Let's Do It, Romania!" (2012 campaign ad)

U.S. Ambassador Mark Gitenstein on 'Restart Romania'

American student on her Study Abroad in Romania (2010)

Romanian activist's $20K award at Emory commencement (2012)

David Frost interviews Angela Gheorghiu on BBC (2010)

Burn victim's recovery, resilience inspiring others (2011)

Romanian documentary-making competion for kids (2012)

Fifty People One Question - Bucharest, Romania (June 2012)

Romanian National Museum of Contemporary Art (2012)

'Dictator tourism' opens in Romania (October 2011)

Dr. Graham Giles on Romania and Moral Values (2011)

Romanian Festival in Roseville, California (October 2011)

Learn To Speak Romanian - Mihaela Coman

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