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Romania Catholic Footprint Project

This site exhibits images, found on the internet, of Roman Catholic and Jesuit religious buildings located in the nation of Romania, where the population of Roman-Catholics is less than 5-percent, according to figures from the 2011 census, but where the legacy of Roman-Catholic pioneers from previous eras still is vitally in evidence.

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Inside the 200-year-old Roman-Catholic Church at Deta, Romania

St. George's Cathedral at Piata Unirii in the center of downtown Timisoara, Romania - built 1736-1774

St. Michael's Roman-Catholic church in downtown Cluj-Napoca, Romania - its oldest section dates from 1390

St. Anthony of Padua Roman-Catholic Church in Constanta, Romania - built in 1937

Formerly a Jesuit College, the Gheorghe Lazar High School is located in central Bucharest, Romania

Roman-Catholic Church in Brasov, Romania - its site was controlled by Jesuits until 1766

The Roman-Catholic Church at Nicolae Balcescu Square in Timisoara, Romania - built circa 1900

St Anthony of Padua Roman-Catholic Church in Arad, Romania - erected 1904

The Maria Radna Franciscan Church at Lipova, Romania - a major pilgrimage site built in 1756

Interior of St. Michael's Roman-Catholic Church in Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Vlad Tepes - legendary ruler in fifteenth-century Romania who reportedly became Roman-Catholic in 1475

Originally Roman-Catholic, Biserica Neagra in Brasov, Romania, became Lutheran during the Reformation

An Easter Service at one of the thirteen Roman-Catholic Churches in Bucharest, Romania

Second-largest Roman-Catholic Church in Romania - located at Sighet, Romania - built in the 1700s

Roman Catholic Church built 1733-1737 by Franciscan nuns at Turda, Romania

Mass is celebrated in three languages at the Holy Trinity Jesuit Church in Sibiu, Romania - built 1726-1733

Romania's largest university - 56,000 students - was founded in Cluj-Napoca under Jesuit control in 1581

The Franciscan Roman-Catholic Church in Cluj-Napoca, Romania - its origins date from 1260-1290

The Roman-Catholic Bishop Palace (120 rooms) in Oradea, Romania - seized temporarily during communism

The Holy Queen St. Mary Roman-Catholic Cathedral in Iasi, Romania - built in 2005

The Roman-Catholic Diocese in Iasi, Romania - establishment dates from 27 June 1884 under Pope Leo XIII

The old Catholic Cathedral in Iasi, Romania - dates from 1789

Organ inside Bisericii Maria Radna - the Roman-Catholic pilgrimage site at Lipova - already installed by 1895

The Italian Church of the Most Holy Redeemer on the busiest street in Bucharest, Romania - built 1915-1916

St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Bucharest, Romania - built 1873-1884 - attended by Pope John Paul II in 1999

Six thousand marchers protest skyscraper construction beside St. Joseph's church in Bucharest - 23 Oct 2009

The Roman-Catholic Metropolitan Palace in Bucharest, Romania - the archdiocese was established in 1883

Orthodox Patriarch and Roman-Catholic Pope jointly celebrate an outdoor mass in Bucharest - 9 May 1999

The Biscera Baratia Catholic Church in Bucharest, Romania - rebuilt in 1848 - celebrates mass thrice daily

Jesuit Roman-Catholic Church of the Sacred Heart in Bucharest, Romania - celebrates mass in five languages

Holy Cross Roman-Catholic Church in Bucharest, Romania

St. Anton's Roman-Catholic Church in Craiova, Romania - built 1942

Saint Varvara Roman-Catholic Church located in the village of Cavnic, Romania - built during 1811-1812

Roman-Catholic Church in Dumbraveni, Romania - celebrating one-thousand years

13th century Roman-Catholic Church at Alba Iulia, Romania - tower added in the 17th century - (me at right)

King Christ Roman-Catholic Church at Ploiesti, Romania

Jesuit Superior General Father Adolfo Nicolas pays a visit to the Romania Province during May 2012

Interior of Roman-Catholic Church at Satu Mare, Romania

Roman-Catholic Church in wintertime at Sighisoara, Romania

Exterior of the Jesuit Church located in the Grand Square of downtown Sibiu, Romania - built in 18th century

The Roman-Catholic Basilica in Oradea, Romania

The Jesuit Church of St. John the Baptist at Targu Mures, Romania - built in early 1800s

Saint Francis of Assisi Roman-Catholic Church at Targoviste, Romania

Roman-Catholic church at Targu Secuiesc, Romania - built during the 18th century - rennovated in 1996

Roman-Catholic church in the town of Targu Frumos, Romania - construction completed in 2005

Pope Benedict XVI receives Romania's President Traian Basescu at the Vatican - 15 February 2013

Ruins of the Roman-Catholic Cathedral at Baia, Romania - ordered built by Alexander the Kind in 1410


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