Curator: Dr. Allan B. Cruse, Professor Emeritus, Computer Science and Mathematics, University of San Francisco

              Advertising in Romania

URSUS beer (3/4 minutes)

The "Don't Drink and Drive" ad campaign (3 minutes)

The "American ROM" ad campaign (3 minutes)

The "Bucharest, not Budapest" ad campaign (3 minutes)

The "Interactive Honeymoon" ad campaign (3 minute)

The "Digital Public Library" ad campaign (3 minutes)

The "Social Shepherd" ad campaign (2 minutes)

Dorna bottled mineral water commercial (1/2-minute)

Cosmote Romania: mobile phone service provider (1 minute)

Coca-Cola Zero: The Ex-Girlfriend (1/2-minutes)

Coca-Cola Romania: Snow Globe (1 minute)

Coca-Cola Romania: Share Your Voice ad campaign (2-1/4 minutes)

Coca-Cola Romania: Live Tweets ad campaign (2-1/2 minutes)

Ciuc Beer: The Raft (1/2 minutes)

Ciuc Beer: The Chairs (3/4 minutes)

Gusto: snack food commercial (3/4 minutes)

ELECTRIC CASTLE FESTIVAL (19-22 JUNE 2014) - 12 minutes

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