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        Some examples of Romania's Architecture

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Jean Mihail Palace, erected 1899-1907 in Craiova, Romania, now is an art museum

Majestic Black Sea casino, opened 1905 at Constanta, Romania, now is abandoned

Kretzulescu Palace, built 1902 as a Bucharest residence, now is a UNESCO Center

Grand Traian Hotel, built 1882 by French engineer Gustave Eiffel in Iasi, Romania

Lloyd Palace, built 1910-1912 in Timisoara, Romania, now is a university rectorate

Communal Palace, built 1899-1903 in Dacia Plaza, is City Hall of Buzau, Romania

Legendary 16th century cathedral at Curtea de Arges, Romania, honors St. Nicholas

The Palace of Culture in Iasi, Romania, built 1906-1925, now is a museum complex

The new "Holy Trinity" Orthodox Cathedral was completed in 2008 in Arad, Romania

Barsana Monastery, erected after communism in the Maramures region of Romania

Peles Castle, built 1873-1914 at Sinaia, Romania, as summer home for King Carol I

Parliament Palace opened 1997 as a multi-purpose building in Bucharest, Romania

Long neglected 15th century Corvin Castle at Hunedoara, Romania, now is restored

Mogosoaia Palace, a princely residence built 1689-1702 near Bucharest, Romania

The City Hall, built in 1902-1903 in Oradea, Romania, is for municipal administration

Cathedral, built in 1921-1922 in Alba Iulia, Romania, for King Ferdinand's coronation

A recently erected gypsy mansion located somewhere near Cluj-Napoca, Romania

The Baroque Palace, built in 1754 at Timisoara, Romania, now holds an art museum

Romanian National Opera House, constructed 1871-1875 in Timisoara, Romania

Lucian Blaga National Theater, built 1902-1904 at Cluj-Napoca, Romania, for opera

Holy Friday Parish Orthodox Church, in Camp Road sector of Bucharest, Romania

The Capsa House restaurant opened in 1852 in Bucharest, Romania, now is a hotel

The National Opera in Bucharest, built 1953, can seat 950 patrons for opera or ballet

This 13th century Fortified Church in Viscri, Romania, originally was Roman-Catholic

Typical block housing built in suburban Bucharest, Romania, in the Communist era

Castle Pelisor opened in 1903 in Siniai, Romania, as a home for the King's nephew

A modern two-story residence, named Casa Lara, built 2010 in Timisoara, Romania

A renovated 18th-Century cottage at Valea Zalanului, Romania, now is a guesthouse

Cotroceni Palace in Bucharest, Romania, since 1991 it is the President's residence

The Intercontinental Hotel opened 1971 in Bucharest, Romania, now a city landmark

The National Arena, opened in 2011 in Bucharest, can seat 55-thousand spectators

The Odeon Theater, built in 1911 in Bucharest, Romania, is a performing arts venue

Manuc's Inn, erected in 1808 in Bucharest, Romania, now operates as a restaurant

Floresca City Sky Tower, completed in 2013 in Bucharest, Romania, is multipurpose

National Architects Union headquarters in Bucharest was once a private residence

The landmark Clock Tower, constructed in the 14th century in Sighisoara, Romania

The Densus Church near Hunedoara, Romania, is still surviving from the 7th century

The Manresa Jesuit Spirituality Center was opened in 2002 at Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Cantacuzino Palace, built 1902 for Bucharest Mayor, now is George Enescu museum

The Romanian-American University in Bucharest delivers its curriculum in English

The Romanian Peasant's Museum in Bucharest, Romania, is a major tourist attraction

The Baneasa Shopping City with 250 stores opened in 2008 in Bucharest, Romania

The Wooden Church at Surdesti, built in 1721 in the Maramures region of Romania

Gold Plaza Shopping Center opened in 2010 in Baia Mare, Romania, with 150 stores

Voronet Monastery, constructed in 1488 by Stephen the Great, in Suceava, Romania

Romanian Orthodox Church, built 1936-1941 in Timisoara, Romania, has 11 towers

Coltea Clinic Hospital, built 1701-1703 in Bucharest, Romania, now is modernized

City Gate Towers is an 18-floor office complex, opened 2009 in Bucharest, Romania

Headquarters of Romanian National Savings Bank, built 1900 in Bucharest, Romania

The Romanian Athenaeum opened in 1888 as a concert hall in Bucharest, Romania

The Casa cu Tei Hotel and Restaurant, was opened in 2008 in Craiova, Romania

Epoch Hotel, opened in 2010 in Bucharest, Romania, offering 5-star accommodations

The Sturdza Castle, built 1880-1904, in rural Miclauseni village near Iasi, Romania

The historic Faragas Fortress, from the late 14th century, is nowadays open for tours

Banffy Castle, built in 1775 near Cluj-Napoca, Romania, now is being rennovated

The Brukenthal National Museum complex was opened in 1817 in Sibiu, Romania

The Council House has stood since 1420 in the City Hall Square in Brasov, Romania

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