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            Some Distinctive Counties of Romania

Maramures County - Vasilica Ceterasu goes back to Maramu (5-1/4 minutes)

Sibiu County - The Southern Gate of Transylvania (14 minutes)

Timis County - Flaviu Cernescu is the "Dragon of Banat" (3 minutes)

Tulcea County - A World of Wonder (6-1/3 minutes)

Valcea County - Horezu Romanian Pottery (3 minutes)

Cluj County - Transilvania International Film Festival (2-1/3 minutes)

Iasi County - The Quiet City of Iasi (5-1/2 minutes)

Bihor County - Apuseni Nature Park (3 minutes)

Alba County - The Roman-Catholic Cathedral at Alba Iulia (3-1/2 minutes)

Hunedoara County - A day in the life of a Miner (7 minutes)

Prahova County - Valley of Attractions (21-1/4 minutes)

Bistrita-Nasaud County - Tasuleasa Social ecological retreat (44-2/3 minutes)

Buzau County - Focul Viu / The Living Fires (4-1/2 minutes)

Neamt County - Famous monasteries (5-3/4 minutes)

Botosani County - Copalau commune, the garlic capital of Romania (1-1/4 minutes)

Gorg County - X3M Runca offroad driving competition (8 minutes)

Galati County - The city of Galati Romania (5-1/4 minutes)

Constanta County - Black Sea Coast at Mamaia, Romania (2-1/3 minutes)

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