Curator: Dr. Allan B. Cruse, Professor Emeritus, Computer Science and Mathematics, University of San Francisco

                    Speaking English
              to audiences in Romania

"Seriously though, there's no reason to learn Romanian. Everyone under
the age of 30 speaks English, as does almost everyone who lives or works in the
bigger cities, which is probably where 99% of foreigners are going to spend their time."

American writer Sam cel Roman who moved to Romania in 2000, from his internet blog on 4 Nov 2014

UK Ambassador Martin Harris at TEDxBucharest on Being Competitive (Jan 2014)

Software guru Richard Stallman interviewed on Romanian television (Feb 2014)

Entrepreneur Philipp Kandal at TEDx on "How to kick ass from Romania" (Jan 2014)

U.S. State Dept. Deputy Hoyt Lee holds a press conference in Bucharest (Sept 2014)

U.S. Vice-President Biden addresses Romania's Civil Society Groups (May 2014)

Retiring U.S. Ambassador Gitenstein addresses Romanian Law Students (Nov 2012)

Actor Kevin Costner interviewed from movie set for Romanian television (Oct 2011)

World Bank President Jim Yong Kim speaks from Romanian schoolroom (May 2013)

Skydiver Karina Hollekim on "Life beyond fear" speaks at TEDxBucharest (Jan 2014)

Scottish CEO of 'Lingo24' talking with employees in Timisoara, Romania (Oct 2011)

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