Curator: Dr. Allan B. Cruse, Professor Emeritus, Computer Science and Mathematics, University of San Francisco

        Entrepreneurial Startup Culture in Romania

Examples from four days of advice for entrepreneurs in Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Flaviu Simihaian (iMedicine) - Raising Money (24 minutes)

Radu Georgescu (GECAD) - Migration From Romania to Silicon Valley (22 minutes)

Anda Gansca (Knotch) - Pivoting to Product Market Fit (21 minutes)

Andrei Dunca (LiveRail) - From LiveRail to Facebook (23 minutes)

Florin Talpes (Bitdefender) - Cyber security and the Trends of Tomorrow (38 minutes)

Rohan Chandran (Telenav) - The Minimum Delightful Experience (19 minutes)

Jambu Palaniappan (Uber) - The Future of Transportation (25 minutes)

Gentry Underwood (Mailbox) - Building Products to Fit Human Behavior (39 minutes)

Mick Hagen (Mainframe) - Stories of Hustle, Growth and Marketing (23 minutes)

Aryk Grosz (Mixbook) - Important Things to Remember when Starting (20 minutes)

Joyce Shen (Thomson Reuters) - Why Enterprise is a Huge Opportunity (23 minutes)

Jeremy Fisher (Wander) - Seven Startup Sins (18 minutes)

Jon Soberg (Expansive Ventures) - Expansive Horizons Taking on New Markets (33 minutes)

David Bettner (Words with Friends) - How Games can be Made Sticky (20 minutes)

Nima Banai (Misfit) - Be a Misfit (15 minutes)

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