Another 8-th Grader who is studying CS at the university-level

My name is Dragos Crisan and I'm in 7th Grade at "Emil Racovita" national school in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. My passions are math and computers.

Because I like them so much, I started to participate in contests and competitions. I worked hard and, of course, the results were immediate.

In fifth grade I took first place at the county Mathematics Olympiad and the county Computer Science Olympics. At both national Olympics I won the bronze medal.

In sixth grade I was the first in the county in both mathematics and computer science. At National Computer Science Olympiad I took 9th place, silver medal, and obtained 4th at National Mathematics, first mention and a gold medal.

Next I participated in county mathematics, computer science and physics Olympiads, all three winning first place in the county.

Now I'm preparing assiduously for national Olympiads of mathematics and computer science. (At the national Physics I will not attend because it occurs at the same time with the math.)

In the future I want to win as many prizes in national contests, and then why not international?

I want to stay in high school in Cluj, at Racovita, then to follow somewhere abroad: Oxford, Cambridge, MIT, I've not yet decided. I would like to do work in research in mathematics in the country or abroad, depending on conditions.

Dragos Crisan
[Note: This translation from Romanian was aided by using Google Translate]


Update on 30 August 2015:

Romania's Digi24 television reports today that Crisan Dragos, now age 14, has been admitted to the IT Academy in Cluj-Napoca, their youngest student, "but his skills are far ahead of his age," Crisan's teacher said.

"We want to find young people who want to do something interesting in the future, to be computer scientists of the future, who will be the start-up entrepreneurs," says Gloria Csiszer, marketing manager of the IT academy in Cluj-Napoca.

30 AUG 2015