Forbes Magazine recognizes two computer science undergraduates

Two computer science undergraduates from Romania were named by the Forbes Magazine this week as among the 30 most important young people of Europe in the industrial field.

Cornel Amariei, 22, an inventor, author, musician, photographer and swimmer, is at present studying electrical engineering and computer science at the University of Bremen in Germany, but also is working part-time as a research and development engineer at Germany's Continental Automotive company, where he leads sensor, smart-connectivity and autonomous-driving innovation, according to today's edition of ROMANIA JOURNAL. Among Cornel's inventions are a device which urilizes 3D cameras to assist the blind and an instrument which detects airborne contaminants.

Ionut Budisteanu, also 22, has been a prolific inventor since the 5th-Grade and is a recipient of numerous awards and medals, both internationally and locally, including the Gordon Moore Award in 2013. Time Magazine named him as one of the world's 16 most influential teens of 2013. His best known inventions include an inexpensive device that allows someone who has been blinded to "see" with their tongue, and an affordable self-driving car -- for which he was awarded the $75,000 grand prize at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair. Last year Romania's Prime Minister granted Ionut a diplomatic passport, which he used to travel to China where he won the top prize at a design-innovation contest, and now, in addition to computer science studies at the University of Bucharest, Ionut serves as an official ambassador for the Romanian Tourism Bureau.

20 JAN 2016