Can a college dropout become a millionaire by blogging?

Meet 27-year-old self-taught web-designer Mihai-Cristian Micle from Romania, who dropped out of college 7 years ago to develop his immensely popular internet blog into a multi-million-dollar international business, called Freshome.

People in Romania didn't know what a "blog" was back when Mihai got started writing about beautiful homes, yards, furniture, but his amateur website's traffic convinced him there was an opportunity for a thriving business discussing Interior Design on the internet. (His website reportedly gets 4-million visits a month.)

Mihai gets quoted in such American magazines as Better Homes & Gardens, and by architects and furniture makers in the United States and abroad. Today he was featured in a FORBES MAGAZINE article about entrepreneurship: "The Romanian Entrepreneur Who Made Blogging Pay."

27 APR 2014


The ROMANIA-INSIDER online newspaper reported on 9 February 2016 that Mihai Cristian Micle has sold his web company to the U.S. media group for an undisclosed sum.

Although the value of his deal was not announced, Micle said he got an offer which he could hardly refuse, according to