An American 8th-grader drew a name that changed his future

Meet Logan Woods, a senior at Albion College in Albion, Michigan, who was just awarded a Fulbright prize that allows him to study and travel abroad for a year, and starts this October.

Logan's odyssey began in Eighth Grade when each boy in his class was assigned to do a project about a foreign country. The students drew names for the countries out of a hat. Logan got 'Romania' and says it has changed his life. Not only did he throw himself into learning everything he could, but he produced an elaborate PowerPoint slideshow for his classmates, covering the history of Romania all the way back to 3000 B.C., earning an 'A' from his teacher (who remarked afterward that perhaps he could have omitted a few details).

The more he learned, during high school and college, Logan said, the more he felt himself drawn to that country.

So now he will be teaching English to college-age students in Romania. He doesn't yet know which city, but expects it will be either Brasov, Constanta or Iasi.

"My goal is to not just to teach English," Logan told reporters, "I want to learn Romanian as well".

03 APR 2014