A former monarch imparts some wisdom to today's young people

King Michael of Romania, age 94, sent a message today to the young people of Romania who are in their fifth day of street demonstrations, protesting perceived governmental corruption and negligence which now has led to 45 deaths from the October 30th fire at an overcrowded Bucharest nightclub. Although Romania is no longer a monarchy, the Royal Family still is respected and influential.

08 NOV 2015


King Mihai's message: The time of your Romania has begun

King Mihai has sent a message to the Romanians who are protesting these days following the tragedy at Club Colectiv. His Majesty also mentioned the protests that took place on November 8, 1945.

"Democracy and freedom is not won forever. No victory is eternal," the King writes in a letter published on Sunday.

"When I placed the country back on the Allies' side, in order to save the existence of the Romanian state, I was 22. I was of the same age of those who were gathering in the Royal Palace Square exactly 70 years ago, on November 8, 1945, in order to defend their freedom. The same age of those who have taken to the streets these days.

Something I learned in my youth was that friends can let you down more than enemies. Another thing I learned back then was that in crucial moments you are left alone.

Democracy and freedom is not won forever. No victory is eternal. Man earns every day the right to have "a tomorrow." With each generation, the country regains its privilege to exist.

To have good laws is a significant thing. To make people respect them is even more valuable. But the fundamental thing is for people to believe in them. Today's Romania is yet to reach that point.

The proper functioning of State institutions is the condition of our freedom and steadfastness. Institutions cannot function without respect for laws, without competence and ethics. But, as you yourselves have recently noticed, the most advanced legislation and civic attitude is not, unfortunately, sufficient to obtain and guarantee solid institutional life. I am confident the young generation will know how to find, in its Romania, the right balance between civic attitude and State institutions.

Through its unique relation with the nation, the Crown remains the fountain of pride, confidence and love. It protects and represents the national being. It is a bridge between communities, faiths, between the citizens and his fellow man.

The Romanian Crown will be 150 years old several months from now. It has continued to exist, for a century and a half, despite unimaginable unlawfulness and hardships. I have personally lived almost 100 of the Crown's 150 years. All of this justifies me in telling our youngsters: the time of your Romania has begun,"
King Mihai wrote in his letter.

-- From today's NINE O'CLOCK English-language newspaper, 8 November 2015


Romanians living in San Francisco also protested last night here in Civic Center (and Romanians in other major cities of America and Europe as well).

08 NOV 2015