This Texas-based firm wants to hire 1000 Romanian programmers

Mircea Stugaru, 36, who earned undergraduate and masters degrees in computer science at the Polytechnic University of Timisoara, now is the Vice President for Engineering at the American software company Crossover, headquartered in Austin, Texas.

This firm, which produces software applications in areas such as aviation, energy, and manufacturing, announced this week its desire to recruit internationally more than one-thousand Romanian programmers, software architects and financial specialists for a subsidiary office it intends to open in the city of Timisoara, with salaries going as high as $8000/month, according to today's ROMANIA-INSIDER newspaper which cited a company announcement reported online in

Crossover is controlled by several private investors and by some investment funds in the United States. Its largest shareholder is Andy Tryba, formerly a development manager at Intel, who became general director and CEO of Crossover in May 2014.

Why does Crossover want to recruit Romanian programmers? Tryba was asked.

"Crossover started looking at Romania for expansion after several Romanian professionals applied for various of our international positions, and some of them proved to be the best in their fields," Tryba explained.

12 NOV 2015