Did you know who invented the 'ZipLoc' plastic bag?

ZipLoc bag inventor Steven Ausnit being honored in Bucharest

Today the NEW YORK TIMES Magazine had a story about the invention of the now ubiquitous ZipLoc plastic bag, pioneered by Romanian-born inventor Steven Ausnit, Harvard class of 1945, who now is a New York multimillionaire.

At first people couldn't figure out how you open it. :-)

After terrorist attacks in 2001 on New York's World Trade Center, airline passengers in the USA were required to place their liquids inside a ZipLoc bag in order to to pass through airport security screening.

Taking underwater photos with a smartphone offers an even more recent application of the ZipLoc technology.

In November 2013 Steven Ausnit was the featured speaker at Marquette University's "After Hours" lecture series, discussing his career as an entrepreneur and investor around the world. "He holds 116 patents and co-holds 67 more," the university said.

25 JUL 2014