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          Romania's Royal Family

                            During the Twentieth Century

"It sometimes needs a foreigner's eye really to appreciate
the beauties of a country -- especially when that country is struggling toward
development. Those in the ferment of evolution are apt to overlook their own
treasures while straining towards that which other countries offer."

              -- from the autobiography of Queen Marie of Romania: "The Story of My Life" (1934)

A Passion for Beauty - Queen Marie of Romania (1875-1938)

Background (left-to-right): King Carol I, King Ferdinand, King Carol II; Foreground: King Michael

King Mihai of Romania (1921-)

                              Map of Romanian territory during the 20th-Century

Fox News TV-documentary "War Stories" with Oliver North (2006)

King Michael of Romania, Part 1

King Michael of Romania, Part 2

King Michael of Romania, Part 3

King Michael of Romania, Part 4



          Peles Castle - built during 1873-1914 by King Carol I as a royal summer residence

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