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Romania Contemporary Views Project

This site continues our Romania Awareness Project by exhibiting some contemporary images,
found online, which we think will defy various commonly held stereotypes of an impoverished
population amid an underdeveloped economy. While an older Romania may still exist, it is not
the whole story of that country -- and we believe advances deserve to be acknowledged.

NOTE: The images below are displayed here solely for educational, non-commercial purposes, and all reproduction
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AFI Cotroceni Palace Hyper Mall (300 stores) in Bucharest, Romania - opened October 2009

Palas Iasi Lifestyle Center - a private investment of USD $350M in Iasi, Romania - opened 31 May 2012

New Bucharest National Soccer Arena with seating capacity of 56,000 - opened 6 September 2011

The Basarab Flyover in Bucharest, Romania - Europe's longest and widest Bridge - opened June 2011

Consecration ceremony for opening of the new Romanian National Library in Bucharest - 22 April 2012

New terminal at Bucharest International Airport can process 4,500 passengers-per-hour - opened 6 Nov 2012

Sky Tower landmark 37-floor office building in Bucharest, Romania, begun in 2009, nears completion in 2012

Gucci opens upscale store at Athenee Palace Hilton Hotel in Bucharest, Romania - December 2010

Ribbon-cutting event for opening of women's luxury fashion boutique in Bucharest, Romania - 3 May 2012

British luxury fashion house Burberry opens store at Radisson Blu Hotel in Bucharest, Romania - March 2012

President says huge new Black Sea gas discovery will give Romania its energy independence - March 2012

Queen Casino - Bucharest, Romania - news media reported 1.5-million Romanians gambled during 2011
MaxBet Casino - Bucharest, Romania                                 Casino Valoro - Timisoara, Romania
Casino Valoro - Arad, Romania                                           Sinaia Casino - Sinaia, Romania

Cazino Mamaia (aka "Castel") is located within a Black Sea leisure resort near Constanta, Romania

Over 22,000 fans pay US$40 and up to attend Lady Gaga's outdoor megashow in Bucharest - 16 Aug 2012

Residential street in Bucharest with sidewalk repairs underway - taken with my iPhone on 24 June 2012

Single-family home in Bucharest, Romania                       Single-family home in Constanta, Romania

Residential Villa near Timisoara, Romania                       Country House at Varfurile, Romania

Cottage house at Bran, Romania                                         Peasant house near Sibiu, Romania

Emerald Residences Complex in Bucharest, Romania - project construction began in 2008

City Gate Office Towers in Bucharest, Romania - opened in 2009

New multibuilding office development in Timisoara, Romania - opened in 2012

Luxury Black Sea Villa in quiet neighborhood near downtown Constanta, Romania

Club Essenza hair salon - Bucharest, Romania                 Hotel Vega hair salon - Mamaia, Romania

Romanian bottled water producer Rio Bucovina reports revenues of EUR 25 Million in 2011 - 23 May 2012

Europe's largest retailer Carrefour increases to 58 its number of supermarkets in Romania - 29 Aug 2012

Porsche Romania reports its sales increased 35-percent during 2012 - 15 January 2013

American fast-food chain opens the second of its 40 planned restaurants in Romania - 7 May 2012

Earliest suburban business park in Bucharest, Romania - completed July 2006

X3 International Web Design Office Interior - Timisoara, Romania - completed July 2011

Oaks Clubhouse in Bucharest, Romania                             Oaks Clubhouse Dining Room

Audience at the National Theater in Bucharest, Romania - April 2008

Bamboo Club - Bucharest, Romania                                                   Krystal Club - Bucharest, Romania
Player Club - Bucharest, Romania               Barletto Club - Bucharest, Romania

Club Midi in Cluj, Romania - open in 2008

Fruits-and-vegetables market in Bucharest, Romania       Curbside flower stall in Bucharest, Romania

Interior of an older residence located in the central section of Bucharest, Romania

Contemporary apartment interior in Iasi, Romania

Apartment kitchen in Dumbravita, Romania

Mediteranean bedroom design in Arad, Romania

Modern residence bathroom in Brasov, Romania

Second-floor home office in Timisoara, Romania

Cosmetics store at Baneasa mall - opened Dec 2010     Lingerie boutique on Calea Victoriei - opened Mar 2012

The SoNoRo Chamber Music Festival held at the Atheneum in Bucharest, Romania - October 2010

European Film Festival at Studio Cinema in Bucharest, Romania - held annually in May

Bucharest's Mayor proposes new 16,000-seat multifunction sports and music arena - November 2012

Foreign diplomats attending annual Vintest Romanian National Wine Exhibition in Bucharest - October 2011


American CIA reports 23.4 million cellphones in Romania - exceeds the country's population - 12 Dec 2012

Universitas Student House opened at Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca, Romania - March 2009

Bucharest Polytechnic University implements next-generation Cisco Systems research network - 28 Sept 2011

Bucharest metro system's ridership averaged 485,000 daily in 2010 - expansion construction began in 2011

Hard Rock Cafe in Bucharest, Romania - opened 20 January 2008

Romanian ice cream manufacturer acquires costly site in Bucharest's Old Town for new retail parlor - Nov 2012

Popular ski slope at Poiana Brasov, Romania                   Rural ski lodge at Cavnic in Maramures, Romania

Vodafone offered free WiFi access to Black Sea beachgoers at Mamaia, Romania - summer 2012

The Arad-Timisoara Motorway in western Romania - opened 17 December 2011

First wind farm at Agighiol, Romania - Dec 2010               Solar farm opens near Brasov, Romania - Sep 2011

Event for ten thousand bicyclists inaugurates opening of new Bucharest-Ploiesti highway - 30 June 2012

Romania reports furniture exports in 2011 amounted to 1.38-billion euros - up by 17.5 pct over 2010

Europe's Medicover Group opens a new 122-bed private hospital in Bucharest, Romania - 26 January 2012

Gates Foundation grant of $26.9M equipped 1,482 public libraries in Romania with computers by April 2012

Eighth annual World Chess Championship among Schoolchildren was held in Iasi, Romania - May 2012

The Maidens Fair attracts thousands to Mount Gaina in Eastern Transylvania every third Sunday in July

Fans of late pop singer Michael Jackson perform a synchronized dance tribute in Bucharest - 29 Aug 2012

Annual 3-day Septemberfest beer celebration for 50,000 held in Cluj-Napoca, Romania - 28-30 Sept 2012

Romanian International University Fair let students meet college reps from abroad - Bucharest 20-21 Oct 2012

Bucharest activists persuade school biology teachers to curtail dissection of endangered frogs - 27 Oct 2012

Arrangements for a permanent American missile defense base at Deveselu, Romania - finalized 29 June 2012

Opening of the new Ford automobile manufacturing plant in Craiova, Romania - 25 June 2012

Voestalpine Group opens its new US$20-million steel processing center in Girgiu, Romania - August 2012

Rompetrol completes a modernization of its Petromidia Refinery at Navodari, Romania - September 2012

U.S. Ambassador announces top American firms will trade on the Bucharest Stock Exchange - 18 April 2012

American FBI Director welcomed to Romania to advise on combatting corruption and cybercrime - 7 Dec 2011

Cluj-Napoca Mayor on trial for bribery - 18 Jan 2012       Member of Parliament flees fraud probe - 26 Mar 2012

Former Romania Prime Minister attempts suicide to evade 2-year jail-sentence for corruption - 20 June 2012

Romanian police bust another big cyberfraud ring that stole US$4M from U.S. citizens online - 10 Dec 2012

Prime Minister is reappointed after his allies in parliament win more than two-thirds of seats - 16 Dec 2012

Five of over a quarter-million "Let's do it, Romania!" nationwide trash-cleanup volunteers - 25 October 2011

Media says over 4000 volunteers planted 78,000 trees in Romania in 2011-2012 to protect at-risk forest areas

American actors begin filming US-history television mini-series near Brasov, Romania - 9 September 2011

Romanian celebrity vocalist Mihai Traistariu encounters some of his fans at Palas Iasi mall - 10 August 2012

Romania's top three wealthiest billionaires in 2012 (left-to-right): Ioan Niculae, Frank Timis, and Dinu Patriciu

        "The average fortune of the top 500 richest Romanians is EUR 43 million." -- Romania Business Review, December 2012

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