CS 210: Assembly Language and Systems Programming (Spring 2007)

Mon-Wed 11:35pm-1:20pm (Room HRN-235)

Instructor: Allan Cruse
Phone: (415) 422-6562
Office: 212 Harney Science Center
Office Hours: (see my homepage)


Textbooks (for collateral readings): Learning Outcomes:


  • The official GNU Assembler manual (GAS)
  • Brennan's Guide to Inline Assembly
  • The Linux Assembly HOWTO manual
  • Roger Jegerlehner's Intel Assembler 80x86 Code Table
  • Jialong He's LINUX System Call Quick Reference (.pdf)
  • Official IA-32 Programmer Reference Manuals, Intel Corporation
  • Documentation for the Linux Executable and Linkable Format (ELF) files: elf.pdf
  • Notes on the rules for leap year from Dr. Robert Alan Wolf (USF mathematics department)
  • Official datasheet for the PC16550D Serial UART (.pdf format), National Semiconductor, Inc
  • Official Data Sheet for the Dallas Semiconductor DS12887 Real-Time Clock and CMOS Memory
  • A typical CMOS RAM Memory-map for PC/AT compatible machines (at www.bioscentral.com)
  • Online listing of the standard UNIX signals (at CS Dept: Univ of Pittsburgh)
  • Online tutorial on Introduction to UNIX signals programming (at Little Unix Programmers Group)
  • Official Data Sheet for the 8254 Programmable Interval Timer/Counter" (Intel Corporation)

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