CS 326: Operating Systems (Fall 2004)

Lecture: Monday-Wednesday 3:30pm-5:15pm (235 Harney Science Center)
Laboratory: Friday 11:35am-1:20pm (535 Harney Science Center)

Instructor: Allan Cruse
Email: cruse@usfca.edu
Phone: (415) 422-6562
Office: 212 Harney Science Center
Office Hours: (see my homepage)

Teaching Assistant: Anna Tikhonova
Consulting hours: 5:30-6:30 Tuesdays, 3:00-4:00 Fridays (5th Floor CS Lab)


This course acquaints computer science undergraduates with general design
principles, internal algorithms and data structures, and key application-interface
features of modern multitasking operating systems (such as Windows or UNIX).
It will give special emphasis to the Linux "Open Source" operating system, and
will employ the GNU assembler, C compiler, and program development tools.

The course will consist of lectures, labs, readings, discussions, demonstrations,
consultations, independent design projects and scheduled exams, in addition to
in-class programming exercises and experiments.

Students are presumed to have prior experience doing computer programming
in at least one high-level language (such as C/C++/Java), and to be familiar with
basic operating system commands (e.g., as covered in CS 110 and 112). Formal
prerequisites include CS 210 (Assembly Language and Systems Programming)
and CS 245 (Data Structures and Algorithms).

Learning Outcomes:

Class lectures will be held in the Michael D. Kudlick computer classroom
(Room 235, Harney Science Center) which affords convenient opportunities
for combining formal instruction with "hands-on" programming exercises.
This facility, a gift of USF alumnus Alfred S. Chuang ('82), opened in Fall 2002.


Also recommended -- if available (but not required):





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