Mathematics 130: Elementary Linear Algebra (Fall 2008)

Lecture: Mon-Wed-Fri 1:30pm-2:35pm (Room HRN-509)

Instructor: Allan Cruse
Phone: (415) 422-6562
Office: 212 Harney Science Center
Office Hours: (see my homepage)


Numerous situations of interest in science, management and commerce can be
represented by a simple type of mathematical model called a "linear system."
Such systems are composed of one or more algebraic equations of the first
degree, involving some arbitrary number of unknown quantities (i.e., variables).

This course explores the famous Gaussian Elimination algorithm: a general
method for automatically computing all the possible solutions to any such
linear system, or for detecting that no solutions exist (as in some cases
where a system happens to include equations which are inconsistent).

The idea of a matrix (a rectangular arrangement of numbers) is fundamental
to this exploration and will be studied in detail:

The course will consist of lectures, readings, discussions, quizes, and problem-sets.

Learning Outcomes:

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