Module java.xml

Interface Characters

All Superinterfaces:
XMLEvent, XMLStreamConstants

public interface Characters extends XMLEvent
This describes the interface to Characters events. All text events get reported as Characters events. Content, CData and whitespace are all reported as Characters events. IgnorableWhitespace, in most cases, will be set to false unless an element declaration of element content is present for the current element.
  • Method Details

    • getData

      String getData()
      Get the character data of this event
      the character data
    • isWhiteSpace

      boolean isWhiteSpace()
      Returns true if this set of Characters is all whitespace. Whitespace inside a document is reported as CHARACTERS. This method allows checking of CHARACTERS events to see if they are composed of only whitespace characters
      true if the Characters are all whitespace, false otherwise
    • isCData

      boolean isCData()
      Returns true if this is a CData section. If this event is CData its event type will be CDATA If is set to true CDATA Sections that are surrounded by non CDATA characters will be reported as a single Characters event. This method will return false in this case.
      true if it is CDATA, false otherwise
    • isIgnorableWhiteSpace

      boolean isIgnorableWhiteSpace()
      Return true if this is ignorableWhiteSpace. If this event is ignorableWhiteSpace its event type will be SPACE.
      true if it is ignorable whitespace, false otherwise