Module jdk.jartool

Class JarSigner


public final class JarSigner extends Object
An immutable utility class to sign a jar file.

A caller creates a JarSigner.Builder object, (optionally) sets some parameters, and calls build to create a JarSigner object. This JarSigner object can then be used to sign a jar file.

Unless otherwise stated, calling a method of JarSigner or JarSigner.Builder with a null argument will throw a NullPointerException.


 JarSigner signer = new JarSigner.Builder(key, certPath)
 try (ZipFile in = new ZipFile(inputFile);
         FileOutputStream out = new FileOutputStream(outputFile)) {
     signer.sign(in, out);
  • Method Details

    • sign

      public void sign(ZipFile file, OutputStream os)
      Signs a file into an OutputStream. This method will not close file or os.

      If an I/O error or signing error occurs during the signing, then it may do so after some bytes have been written. Consequently, the output stream may be in an inconsistent state. It is strongly recommended that it be promptly closed in this case.

      file - the file to sign.
      os - the output stream.
      JarSignerException - if the signing fails.
    • getDigestAlgorithm

      public String getDigestAlgorithm()
      Returns the digest algorithm for this JarSigner.

      The return value is never null.

      the digest algorithm.
    • getSignatureAlgorithm

      public String getSignatureAlgorithm()
      Returns the signature algorithm for this JarSigner.

      The return value is never null.

      the signature algorithm.
    • getTsa

      public URI getTsa()
      Returns the URI of the Time Stamping Authority (TSA).
      the URI of the TSA.
    • getSignerName

      public String getSignerName()
      Returns the signer name of this JarSigner.

      The return value is never null.

      the signer name.
    • getProperty

      public String getProperty(String key)
      Returns the value of an additional implementation-specific property indicated by the specified key. If a property is not set but has a default value, the default value will be returned.
      Implementation Note:
      See JarSigner.Builder.setProperty(java.lang.String, java.lang.String) for a list of properties this implementation supports. All property names are case-insensitive.
      key - the name of the property.
      the value for the property.
      UnsupportedOperationException - if the key is not supported by this implementation.