Module jdk.jshell
Package jdk.jshell

Class DeclarationSnippet

Direct Known Subclasses:
MethodSnippet, TypeDeclSnippet, VarSnippet

public abstract class DeclarationSnippet extends PersistentSnippet
Grouping for all declaration Snippets: variable declarations (VarSnippet), method declarations (MethodSnippet), and type declarations (TypeDeclSnippet).

Declaration snippets are unique in that they can be active with unresolved references: RECOVERABLE_DEFINED or RECOVERABLE_NOT_DEFINED. Unresolved references can be queried with JShell.unresolvedDependencies(DeclarationSnippet).

DeclarationSnippet is immutable: an access to any of its methods will always return the same result. and thus is thread-safe.