Module jdk.jshell

Class JdiInitiator


public class JdiInitiator extends Object
Sets up a JDI connection, providing the resulting JDI VirtualMachine and the Process the remote agent is running in.
  • Constructor Details

    • JdiInitiator

      public JdiInitiator(int port, List<String> remoteVMOptions, String remoteAgent, boolean isLaunch, String host, int timeout, Map<String,String> customConnectorArgs)
      Start the remote agent and establish a JDI connection to it.
      port - the socket port for (non-JDI) commands
      remoteVMOptions - any user requested VM command-line options
      remoteAgent - full class name of remote agent to launch
      isLaunch - does JDI do the launch? That is, LaunchingConnector, otherwise we start explicitly and use ListeningConnector
      host - explicit hostname to use, if null use discovered hostname, applies to listening only (!isLaunch)
      timeout - the start-up time-out in milliseconds. If zero or negative, will not wait thus will timeout immediately if not already started.
      customConnectorArgs - custom arguments passed to the connector. These are JDI com.sun.jdi.connect.Connector arguments.
  • Method Details

    • vm

      public VirtualMachine vm()
      Returns the resulting VirtualMachine instance.
      the virtual machine
    • process

      public Process process()
      Returns the launched process.
      the remote agent process