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Interface DOMImplementationCSS

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public interface DOMImplementationCSS extends DOMImplementation
This interface allows the DOM user to create a CSSStyleSheet outside the context of a document. There is no way to associate the new CSSStyleSheet with a document in DOM Level 2.

See also the Document Object Model (DOM) Level 2 Style Specification.

1.4, DOM Level 2
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    • createCSSStyleSheet

      CSSStyleSheet createCSSStyleSheet(String title, String media) throws DOMException
      Creates a new CSSStyleSheet.
      title - The advisory title. See also the section.
      media - The comma-separated list of media associated with the new style sheet. See also the section.
      A new CSS style sheet.
      DOMException - SYNTAX_ERR: Raised if the specified media string value has a syntax error and is unparsable.